Living a Double Life


Do you know where your adorable feline spends the nights? Outside? If so, you might be shocked by the results of a recent study. It claims that cats are murderers.


Yes, cats may kill approximately four billion animals per year, but does that make them “cold-blooded killers?” They can’t honestly be aware that what they’re doing is considered “murder.”

20130207-194829.jpgI have an adorable Manx, Ivy. She’s an indoor cat, but when she was younger she used to stay outside. Ivy used to hunt, but not much. She killed all the mice in my house (I’m not complaining about it, I’d rather them be dead than still around) and occasionally a bird from outside. My cat never killed just for pure amusement. It’s not like her. She’s too lazy to even walk down to basement for food, so where did the results of the study come from?

The researchers must have been dog lovers. I refuse to believe that an adorable feline can kill other animals as a sport. I can believe that they are sassy and very picky. They decide when to be picked up or when to be left alone. Cats will attack people occasionally, but they won’t hurt you.

Of course, I am biased. I am a cat lover and owner. I only have one cat, so maybe I shouldn’t be so quick to jump to conclusions. As I mentioned earlier, Ivy is too lazy to even walk downstairs to eat, so it shouldn’t be surprising that she is too lazy to actually try to harm someone. She’s all talk. She’ll hiss and pretend to claw, but when it comes to the real deal she’ll run. You won’t see her for a few hours, unless dinner time comes around.


So in response to the research, I say it needs to be re-tested. Maybe try house cats? I’m curious to see how they fit into the equation: Cats=Murderers. If the results are the same, then I’ll continue to defend the felines. They are cute and sweet (when they want to be aka when they want something or guilty of something), not killers.

On the other hand, if they are hunters, so what? Aren’t we hunters as well? How many animals do we hunt/kill every year? If we are calling cats murderers, does that make us murderers as well? If it does, well….. I like meat, so….. go hunters?


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